About Us

The Peninsula Motorcycle Forum (PMF) was established in 2004. It was born out of a desire to bring together professional, and non professional, motorcyclists committed to reducing road casualties whilst actively encouraging the use of motorcycles on the roads of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.

Motorcycling brings many advantages to the road transport system and to the community as a whole. It also enables young people in remote communities to have access to both education and job opportunities through obtainable and affordable transport.

Gone are the days when motorcycling was seen as the domain of the fringe minority. It is hoped that through work undertaken by the PMF the old stereotypes are laid to rest.

Through the PMF, motorcycling has been brought very much into the main local authority transport agenda and made safer. We hope through open and informed debate to make a real difference.

We do not have all the answers, far from it. However, over the last few years, the PMF has gone from strength to strength building many lasting friendships with people and organisations committed to motorcycling and its safety.

We have sought advice and guidance from many elements of the motorcycle community and we invite you all to tell us what you think through the contact forms and articles on this web site.

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