These are some of the questions we get asked regularly.  If you have a question for us please use the contact form below and we’ll do our best to find the answer for you.


How can I get stickers off my fairing?

A hair dryer is one the most effective methods. Peel the sticker back gently as the glue melts.

What colour can I have my headlights?

Only white or yellow tint headlights are legally allowed. Blue, green, orange etc are not legal in the UK.

Do I need to wear a helmet on a trike?

Depending on the classification of your Trike you may actually have to wear a helmet too. Most people think that Trike riders are completely exempt but in many cases they are not.  It depends on what classification the DVLA gives to your three-wheeler.

Does my sidecar passenger need to wear a crash helmet?

Sidecar passengers are not required to wear a helmet although the rider of the motorcycle it is attached to is.  However road safety organisations would always encourage the practice of wearing one.

Is it legal to use a mini moto on a public road?

Petrol scooters are not intended for use on public roads or paths. They are solely for use on private land or land where you have permission to use them.  For use on the public roads they would need to be approved by the Single Vehicle Approval scheme.

I am 17 years old and have just passed my test.  Can I now go touring in Europe?

No.  You have to be 18 to ride in mainland Europe however you can visit the Isle of Man.

What is a daytime MOT?

If you only intend to use the bike during the hours of daylight, a daytime MOT means it is not necessary to have lights or a rear reflector fitted – except when it is foggy. You should make this clear at the MOT test station before the test and, providing the bike passes, the certificate will be stamped ‘daylight use only’.

Can I take my children on the back of my bike?

There is no legal age requirement in the UK.  The law states that the pillion passenger must be ‘sitting astride on a proper seat securely fixed to the motorcycle and behind the driver’s seat’.  However, for a pillion passenger to be secure they should be able to place both feet on the pillion footrests.  You should also remember that young children can fall asleep no matter what type of transport they are using.

Can I have just kph on my clock?

Your clock must be in mph or have a mph conversion insert set into the kph clock. Mph stick-on screen conversions are also acceptable.

As a rider can I wear sunglasses?

It is perfectly legal to wear sunglasses on a motorcycle throughout the United Kingdom.

What are the rules on light transmission limits for visors?

To be legal visors must conform to BS 4110 which ensures a level of scratch resistance and permits up to 50% light transmittance. Any other visors are illegal but sunglasses, tear-offs and inner wrap-arounds are permitted.

Is it ok to put stickers on my helmet?

Be careful!  If your helmet is made of polycarbonate then the glue on some stickers will deteriorate the plastic.