The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency aims to facilitate road safety and general law enforcement by maintaining registers of drivers and vehicles and collecting vehicle excise duty (vehicle tax)

Department for Transport
The Department’s aim is transport that works for everyone. This means a transport system which balances the needs of the economy, the environment and society. We are responsible for transport issues in particular railway franchising and a range of executive agencies, Policy papers, and speeches.

Driving Standards Agency
The Driving Standards Agency is one of the executive agencies that forms the Motoring and Freight Services group, part of the Department for Transport.
We are a national organisation delivering tests from over 400 practical driving test centres/multi-purpose test centres and around 150 theory test centres. We have statutory responsibility for setting standards and conducting theory and practical driving tests. We are also responsible for:

  • the statutory regulation of driving instructors and trainers
  • the promotion of voluntary registers and non-statutory activities to improve driving standards and contribute to the wider road safety agenda

Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA)
The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) was formed on 1 April 2003 following the merger of the Vehicle Inspectorate and the Traffic Area Network division of the Department for Transport. VOSA provides a range of licensing, testing and enforcement services with the aim of improving the roadworthiness standards of vehicles ensuring the compliance of operators and drivers with road traffic legislation, and supporting the independent Traffic Commissioners.

At the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), our work is centred on two simple statements – our mission and vision.
Our mission is to save lives and reduce injuries. Our vision is to lead the way on accident prevention.
We promote safety and the prevention of accidents at work, at leisure, on the road, in the home and through safety education. We are a registered charity and have been at the heart of accident prevention in the UK and around the world for more than 90 years.

Brake is a charity and we exist for a simple reason – because every 30 seconds someone, somewhere in the world, is killed in a road crash. The misery of road deaths and injuries, and the pollution of our planet by vehicles, is a shameful epidemic that must end. With your help, Brake campaigns to stop the carnage and supports the victims. You can learn all about our work by browsing our website.
Without your support our work isn’t possible. Brake is funded by kind donations from individuals and companies and by charitable grants.

Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists (IAM)
As a charity the Institute of Advanced Motorists (the IAM) supports the raising of driving and riding standards and campaigns for increased on-road skills. We support and represent motorists, motorcyclists and are developing programmes for cyclists too. We offer practical driving and riding programmes and urge all road users to act more responsibly and safely.
Put quite simply, at the IAM we offer the opportunity for bikers to improve their riding standards, helping to make them safer on the roads. Thousands of motorcyclists take our advanced riding programme (Skill for Life) every year.

Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA)

Auto Cycle Union
The Auto-Cycle Union is the Governing Body for motorcycle sport throughout Britain. The role of the ACU in British motorcycle sport may be summarised as follows:-
The main objective of the ACU is to provide all participants in motorcycle sport with enjoyable, safe and competitive days of sporting action. With over 630 clubs divided into 20 Centres, there are many opportunities available for interested parties, irrespective of age or ability.

Plymouth City Council

Torbay Council

Cornwall Council

Devon County Council
Devon County Council’s aim is to encourage the safe and sensible use of motorcycles. Motorcycling has a number of advantages, such as reducing congestion, less wear on the road surface and lower powered machines produce fewer emissions. Working with our partners, as well as working with bikers to improve and develop riding skills, we have taken big steps in educating other road users in the needs of bikers as well as addressing issues of road conditions. All of these factors combined has lead to a reduction in the numbers of bikers being killed and injured in the county.

Somerset Road Safety Partnership

Somerset Road Safety is a small team of road safety professionals committed to reducing the number of collisions and casualties on the county’s roads by promoting safer driving through education, training and road safety campaigns. The partnership was formed in 2006 to bring together the extensive experience and expertise from a number of organisations to drive down casualty rates, create safer communities and improve the quality of life for all residents and visitors to Somerset. The partners include Somerset County Council, Avon and Somerset Constabulary, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, NHS Trusts, Highways Agency and other driving and safety organisations.

South West Ambulance Service Trust
The Trust delivers high performing emergency and urgent care and non urgent patient transport services for the residents and transient population of Cornwall and Isles of Scilly, Devon, Dorset and Somerset.  One of the many training packages offered by the Trust is I.C.A.R.E  –  ‘Immediate Care At the Roadside in an Emergency’. It is a first aid course for motorcyclists and other vehicle users.

Devon and Cornwall Constabulary

Highways Agency
The Highways Agency is an Executive Agency of the Department for Transport (DfT), and is responsible for England’s strategic road network – managing traffic, tackling congestion, informing road users, improving safety, minimising adverse impact on the environment and more.

National Bikesafe
‘Bikesafe’ is a nationwide police-led motorcyclist casualty reduction initiative that is run by the majority of Police forces throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. The scheme in various guises has been in existence for many years.
BikeSafe is aimed at full licence holders and is designed to enhance existing skills that will act as an introduction to advanced riding.

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service
Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service is the largest non-metropolitan fire and rescue service in the UK. We are here to make the counties of Devon and Somerset (including Torbay and Plymouth) a safer place. We have 85 fire stations, the second largest number in England and 2,300 committed and dedicated staff.
You’ll know that the Fire & Rescue Service puts out fires, rescues people from road traffic accidents and other emergencies. However, you may not know that we also work with partners to influence young drivers to try and prevent people being killed or injured on our roads, engage young people in diversionary activities to reduce anti social behaviour and crime as well as rescuing people from water and height .We also have the largest number of fire appliances outside of London equipped to deal with the after effects of terrorism such as major flooding, major transportation incidents, public decontamination and collapsed structures; working within a national coordinated approach to attend incidents anywhere in the country.
We are reducing the number of operational incidents we attend through our prevention work and this will continue to be our priority, but when our services are needed, you can be assured that we aim to deliver the very best service we can to make you safe wherever you are in Devon and Somerset.

Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service

Devon Air Ambulance
The Devon Air Ambulance Trust is the charity which raises the funds to keep 2 emergency Air Ambulances flying.
Every year we have to raise in the region of £4 million to keep both of the helicopters airborne.
Our mission is to relieve sickness and injury in the county of Devon by assisting in the provision of an Air Ambulance Service 24 hours a day.

Cornwall Air Ambulance
In April 1987, the air ambulance was introduced as an integral part of Cornwall’s ambulance service. The initial funding provided by the local health authority was withdrawn in October of that year, and shortly afterwards the charity, then known as the First Air Ambulance Service Trust, was formed. Following considerable publicity, the service was then financed by public fundraising and donations. This remains the case to this day, with fantastic support given by the people of Cornwall and local business.

SHARP Helmet Safety Scheme
SHARP came into being in 2007, after the Department for Transport found real differences in the safety performance of motorcycle helmets available in the UK. While all helmets have to meet minimum safety standards, research showed that up to 50 lives could be saved each year if motorcyclists wore the safest helmets available to them.
Taking the best bits from current standards around the world, SHARP raises the bar – putting motorcycle helmets through a more rigorous and targeted testing process.
Thanks to a simple five star scoring system, SHARP provides motorcyclists with independent and objective advice, revealing the different safety performances of UK motorcycle helmets.

British Motorcyclists Federation
Formed in 1960, against tabloid press tales of leather jacketed hooligans racing around our streets, the Federation of National and One Make Clubs (FNOMC) was established.
In 1965 the British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF) was formed to represent all motorcyclists. Today we are the UK’s largest motorcycling organisation, A member of government advisory groups, represented in Europe, a well respected and powerful lobbying group, organisers of the National Rider Training network and organiser of Europe’s largest outdoor motorcycle show.

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