New rubber

If you’re about to fit new tyres to your precious motorbike, think carefully before opening that throttle too quick, new tyres need running in for about 100 miles at no more than 60mph, with no sudden breaking or changes of direction. This is down to chemicals used during manufacture of the tyre and the smooth new rubber surface, some bikers recommend using a pumice stone or sandpaper on the tyre to give you more grip.

Unfortunately no one told this guy!
Unluckily for us the YouTube user has stopped embedded videos, check out the link for the video
Brand new Gixxer crashed

Biker dies in early-morning crash after police try to stop him

A BIKER has died after he came off his motorcycle while being followed by police. The man, who is believed to be in his 40s, died after crashing on Mannamead Road in Plymouth. No other vehicle was involved in the crash, which happened at about 4.20am yesterday. The road was closed for seven hours after the accident as police cleared up and carried out investigations. A police spokesman said last night that a patrol car with two officers saw the motorcycle. Because of the way in which it was being ridden they decided to stop check the vehicle and rider. “The officers lost sight of the motorcycle whilst following it and then came across it after it had been involved in a collision,” a police spokesman said. The officers tried to resuscitate the rider. The man was taken to Derriford Hospital where he died a short time later.