The Martin Jennings “Silver Jubilee” Memorial Run

On the First and Last MCC website is a big thank you to all riders and supporters of the Martin Jennings Memorial Run, it started from Garras Wharf Car Park, Truro, on the 9 Sept 2012 and they raised a shed load of cash all in the name of charity, this years charity was The Pheonix Stroke Appeal. A big thank you was posted on the site:

I would like to say thankyou to everyone from far and near who attended the run today.

The weather was perfect for an incident free run, and hardly anybody getting lost which makes a change!!!

The only booking by the police who did a great job, was for someone riding his bike with no helmet on the highway in front of the police at the lunch stop.

To read more great comments go to their website, or see some of the bikes on the Facebook page it looked like a fantastic day, maybe next time!